Dr Hanna is extremely knowledgeable and kind. It is clear that she truly cares about each and every patient she treats. She helped me during my pregnancy and postpartum, and has even worked with my newborn son. 10/10 recommend Dr Hanna for your chiropractic needs.


I saw Dr. Hanna towards the end of my pregnancy, as she was recommended by my doctor. She helped relieve muscle pain and heartburn, along with provided helpful stretches. Her treatment was extremely helpful and allowed me to no longer be in pain. I also took my newborn to her and she was beyond knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Hanna truly cares about her clients and is not pushy about scheduling appointments, which is hard to come by these days. I HIGHLY recommend her!


I started seeing Dr. Hanna during my first pregnancy for her prenatal expertise and have found so much relief and comfort in her care. She's attentive, thorough, and very knowledgeable. Along with working out a number of pregnancy aches and helping with heartburn and blocked sinuses, she provided accessible stretches that have helped me stay aligned as my pregnancy has progressed. She's also created a supportive community for women's health she's happy to share with her clients, I highly recommend her!


Dr. Hanna is an incredible and caring Chiropractor! She is great at figuring out the root cause of your complaint and coming up with a plan to fix it!


Dr. Hanna is amazing and has been a Wonderful part of my care team. I was suffering from migraines and severe jaw pain and now I am happy to report that I feel so much better and my jaw pain is significantly lower. She is very caring and great at what she does.


Dr. Hanna's care is unmatched. I finally feel heard and supported in my health after years of seeking answers. I am amazed at how much I learn from each visit and how well my body responds. Dr. Hanna is highly responsive and really cares about her clients. I'm so excited to be making progress and feeling better!


My wife and I live a very active lifestyle. She was 6 months pregnant and started developing sciatica symptoms. Too tough for her own good, she kept putting off getting treatment. I reached out to Dr. Hanna at Mosaic Chiropractic after learning about her from a close friend of ours who also had great results.

From the moment we walked in the door we could tell the experience was going to be different. Dr. Hanna was very caring and thorough in her assessment. Using a combination of what we called her "magic hands" and exercises, my wife found relief from the first visit. In just a few visits she was back to her active self again. She is now coming weekly to stay pain free during the rest of her pregnancy. She loves coming here!

I couldn't be more grateful for the care that Dr. Hanna provided my wife. It was so hard to watch the person I love more than anyone in the world deal with such pain. If you find yourself or loved one in a similar situation I highly recommend Dr. Hanna and Mosaic Chiropractic. She's and expert in dealing with the complexities of pain during pregnancy!

Thank you Dr. Hanna!!!


Dr. Hanna is awesome! I went to her with low back pain and within a few visits, I was sitting/exercising pain free for the first time in a long time. She takes the time to get to know her patients, and genuinely cares about their health and wellness. Definitely recommend! :)


I was referred to Dr. Hanna by my primary care doctor for a hiatal hernia when I told her I wanted to avoid surgery. I've not only avoided surgery, I had complete symptom relief in just two treatments. Dr. Hanna taught me to breathe correctly (and I really, really thought I already was!), release the stress before it settles and to trust my body to do her groove thing. Active participation is everything and she makes it easy to remember your daily exercises with her tips & tricks.


She is amazing! After a car accident I took my 3 month old to see her and she was so amazingly helpful in making sure the whole family is okay


Dr. Hanna is a gem. She's a great listener and she has so many tools to tailor care specifically to your need. She helped me with shoulder pain related to exercise and she helped my son make a smooth developmental transition from sitting to crawling to walking. Working with her is easy and the treatment is effective!


Came to Dr. Hanna Songer at Mosiac with some low back/sciatica issues, she got me back to my normal through adjustments, dry needling, and gained overall knowledge on my body. Hanna is amazing at what she does and will definitely continue to see her! Very professional, personable, and helpful!


Dr. Hanna is a breathe of fresh air! I've had chiropractors who didn't truly listen and only wanted me to keep coming back to fill their schedule. Dr. Hanna will connect with you and truly cares about your results! She's helped me with neck/back pain but also used dry needling on my calf when I was having tightness preventing me from running. I was super nervous about the needling but she was patient with me and I was surprised at how great it worked!


Dr Hanna is so amazing with my kiddos! My son has struggled with hearing issues and ear infections since a young age and she adjusted his ears before the hearing test and scan and he is doing much better. It good to have people in our community trying more holistic approaches that have really great results!


I've been a patient of Dr. Hanna's for about a year now, and she's fantastic! She's treated various issues I've had, from neck problems to knee problems. She's kept me exercising and active, even when I didn't think it'd be possible. She's also amazing with kids! My boys absolutely adore her!


Dr. Hanna is amazing! She really spends time getting to know the patient and what exactly their health goals are. She will definitely be my go-to when I am (god willing) pregnant someday.

Rachel W

Dr. Hanna is so patient and kind. She cares enough to listen to your issues and then figure out the actual root cause of the pain. She helped me so much with some upper back pain using dry needling and rehab exercises. Highly recommend her!


Dr. Hanna is awesome! I appreciate what she can do to help heal people without meds or surgery being the first response. Wish I would have learned some of her healthcare techniques in my younger years. Really great experience. Highly recommend!


Dr. Hanna is one of the best! I first came to her with neck and shoulder pain and within a few visits I was feeling so much better! I can't thank her enough, definitely recommend.


Dr. Hanna really took her time to get to know me as a patient and create a treatment plan based around my goals!